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Busy Busy, Outtake? 

It is nice to be busy but barley have time for Asian dramas and sites. tsk tsk. Outtake?

so true!

Barefoot Friends Diving Judging VS Idols 

I think people should take in to consideration that the judges are basing their scores off the level of difficulty when the divers attemps their dives. Doing a flip in a half is no easy task!

So I don’t think the judges were being bias to Barefoot Friends.


 [13.07.11] UEE in the Masters Diving National Championships.



a sudden heart-to-heart, hyunjoong’s love camp: siyoon’s last girlfiend

Barefoot Friends 


I have to say, I love Barefoot Friends and yes I know at times it can get boring but I think that every show gets that way. These past few weeks watching them struggle and overcome their fear of heights and water is really inspiring and makes me want to learn to dive to get over my fears of it also. As long as the show is on I will always tune in to watch it.

the show is amazing two, the bond between all the casts is so much love!


This drama is so goooood!!! it made my heart doki doki! ♥ ♥ ♥


This drama is so goooood!!! it made my heart doki doki! ♥ ♥ ♥

i would watch this episode just for Peter Pan and Wendy DArling version on OUAT. Never seen the series though.